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[SUNDAY » 09/11]
I'M OFFICALLY AT the USERNAME: _marydied. Add me there.
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Roller Kingdom [SATURDAY » 09/10]
[ mood | bored ]

Last night, was so much fun.
Angela, Laura, Jess and I went to Roller Kingdom
to see Scott sing for his band.They were SO GOOD,
it got me all inspired to be in a band again lol.
Yeah so, last night was so fucking fun, except Laura
being mad at me.:\whatever.So, I got to talk to everyone
n shit, it wasn't too shabby.Oh, and I roller bladed!

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Sunday, and here.Not too shabby. [SATURDAY » 09/03]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

Sunday afternoon,
I'm in stuck at home, going through stuff in my room.
I've found that, I keep everything in boxes.Not neatly,
I must say.Just, in boxes.Got all my shit done for school,
And my hair's been kinda wavy lately.*shrugs* all in all,
this weekend wasn't TOO bad.Question: CAN people change?

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School, oh how I love it.. [WEDNESDAY » 08/31]
[ mood | calm ]


I think this year, will be something like FUN!
I have to switch my science class to Chem, because they stuck me in Earth Science for some reason.
Well, I failed it freshman year cos I was stupid n didnt do shit in that class, and yeah.So Chem, is on my way..
uhhhmm, I have Geom. with ..noone really I like.US History is with Becky, Dave, Joey, Amika lol.. oh jeez, that class
is gonna be extremely entertaining.And English, I'm with Jenna, Tim Bel., Ryan Fogarty, Dave lol.. So I'm pretty set
on those two.Then I have digital photo with Jackie, I really hope I learn shit from that, because what they were showing
us looked wicked hard lol..and, what else..Oh, RFL but that shit seemed wicked gay.. but its all good cos it's RFL.
my first day, was okay I could say.. all my school shit is really colorful this year lol.
So, I have no classes with Mavis, Cv, or Angela. *sigh* Life, is harsh..

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Summer's Gone Now. [SUNDAY » 08/28]
[ mood | drained ]


Well, I went shopping today with my mommy.
I have to say, Kohl's has been my good friend for about 2 and a half years now.. They have a lot of gay shit there now..But, I managed to get some decent shit.Uhm..I got my new bed.It's wicked chill, actually.. though, I don't like all the space.. as weird as it sounds.School's now within, 2 days.. and I have a meeting for resilency tomorrow.. I'm actually EXTREMELY excited about it, getting to see everyone there again.Becky and Diana are gonna be in it this year, blahhh it's gonna be a blast.I really hope I get classes with people I like this year.. >_< that'd be poopie.Talked to jenna a bit, and when she's 17 she's moving in with me so we can sneak out n smoke on my roof lol.. and then try getting back in.. but it being physically impossible.I love that girl to DEATH.
OOOOOHHH yeah! And I went to Angela's hahah.. that was fun..:D talked about life n stuff, n then we fell asleep for a while..then uhm...I can't actually remember at the moment, but something went down.

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