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Kill the moment.

But don't kill me...

3 August
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11pm made my layout.. <333333!

I'm never shy.I love singing.I am an optimist.I hate to cry.I WILL let you know how I feel.I am creative.I am sure of myself.I can be insecure.I try too hard in things that easily fall apart.I am very outgoing.I am a wild girl.I like to act silly.I am in love with my friends.I blush easily.I get jealous quickly.I don't like people in general.I am never really suprised.I like to write.I try new things.I love bright colors.I hate my grades.I have too much common sense.I smoke butts.I am stressed.I worry easily.I am independent.I am enraged.I am a sucker for accoustic guitars.I love apple juice.I swear a lot.I tend to update too much.I am very blunt.I bottle my feelings.I have a wide imagination.I am extremely complicated.I am loud.I am easily distracted.I am sloppy.I talk to myself.I can't spell.I love purple.I am a perfectionist in little things.I refuse to be told I'm wrong.I repeat myself often.I love October.Sleeping is fun.I loose things easily.I love myself.